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National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG)
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This course offers a blend of technical and management skills. I found it useful to learn how to look more analytically at system design, learn some coding languages (visual basic and java) and to also further my knowledge of management and innovation.

The course was weighted both on continuous assessment, placement and exams over two years.
I was mostly satisfied with lectures.
I did find a couple were lacking but that may have been that they didn't suit my learning style.
Career Opportunities
There was definitely career opportunities after this course.

I got a full time job with the company I did my placement with. I'm still at that company 5 years later.
Overall Comments
Did I like the course? Yes.

Would I say I was completely happy with the course? No.

During the second year, I had to do a Research Project with 2 other people while on my work placement. I found it didn't work at all. Two of us were on the same wavelength and the other had their own agenda. I thought the course could have been structured better to handle situations like this .It was unfair and unnecessary to add so much stress during the placement for all three of us.

However, since my time doing this course, I believe that the research project structure has changed. So if interested in this course, I would email the course director and ask for more details about it.

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