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National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG)
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When I studied this course it was just known as 'Information Technology'. I believe it has changed a bit since 2010. For me it was good course covering a wide range of areas. Although I sometimes felt because we covered so much it prevented us from becoming highly skilled in the areas of IT we preferred.

Going into it I didnt really know enough about the course and in hindsight something like Business Information Systems would have probably suited me better.

In terms of Leaving Certs subject that I'd recommend, Maths is the big one and the course covered! But also try and learn a bit about programming (Java for example) as a huge amount of the course focuses on this.
The lectures and areas of teaching were fine. My one big complaint was when I started in first year the course offered 3 different options for the duration; you could do Information Technology with either Business Studies, a Language or Artificial Intelligence. I picked Business Studies. Being able to do IT along side Business was a big factor in me selecting this course in the first place.

But at the start of 4th year we were told everyone had to do Artificial Intelligence as the Department were taking away the other options. So I was forced to drop one of my preferred classes and on top of that take a class that had been ongoing since first year and I only came into it in the final year of it. Unsurprisingly I struggled compared to those who had always been in the class and just about passed it.

While I was there the size of the class was very small (which can be a good thing and a bad thing!). But in recent years the numbers doing this course has increased dramatically. And the hours were usually 20+ per week. Some early starts and late finishes but nothing that will prevent you from being able to enjoy the social side of college as well :-)
Career Opportunities
At the moment the IT industry is probably one of the best to get into. In 3rd year you go on a 5 month work placement. And this often leads to full time employment with the same company once you finish college. That was the case for me. One week after I finished my final exam I was hired by the company that I did my placement with!

The majority of my class went into employment rather than choosing a postgrad after 4th year.
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While there was some areas of the course that I was disappointed with (and I would have liked to have studied more on Web and App Development) I don't regret picking Information Technology. 5 years since I finished and I am in a good position with my career. And NUIG is a great college! Galway has a very good social life for students and the campus is very close to the city centre.

As I mentioned already the course has been restructured since I left so some of my point may no longer be relevant! But the final piece of advice I can offer is just to know the course and what is involved with programming if you are considering Computer Science and Information Technology!

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