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Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT)
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Course content was so broad and medical oriented. Weighed more on exams. The STEM subjects I would recommend.

Choose to transfer. There are other courses that are easier. Make your life easy because this course is terrible. It is so practical but the biopharmaceutical employers do not know what we do in labs. Graduates without a 2.2 are gone. It is extremely EXTREMELY difficult to get a 2.2 in this course. Stay away please. My lecturers are not approachable and friendly. Only pretend and gossip behind my back over nonsense I'm betting. This course is very tough. The starting salary and accredited exams make this course brutal that I would even recommend engineering to keep the financial exam options open because of math in final year. 50% of analytical chemistry jobs are in medical science is correct since Ireland is a small country. However the punishment, mental and physical well being are tough to maintain in this course since my CA grades were biased and lowered due to favouratism !!!!.
Yes. Areas of teaching are thorough. Class sizes don't matter unless you obtain a good degree.
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Analytical chemistry and pharma opportunities are LIMITED without physical and organic chemistry in this course. Most students go into a job but I decided to do a masters and can't use my masters for a pharma job.
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No, I expected this course to be more humane. No!. Academic advice is to ask ask ask what information is there. What careers offer best chance of employment. The labs in fourth year have so much spectrophotometry they are useless to teach additional analytical techniques. Honestly. Sometimes I thought a business course would be easier and more beneficial but I really liked the STEM. The repeats in 2nd and 3rd year didn't give me a chance to think what I really wanted.

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