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Cork Institute of Technology (CIT)
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The course entry points are low but this shouldn't give you the impression that the course is easy, Its not! It is a demanding college course where one of the only ways you can achieve a high outcome is by putting in the work and attending the classes.

That serious bit of nonsense i wrote there goes for any college course, Elec Eng yes is a demanding course but also a highly interesting one. The course contains many different types of modules that suit each person differently. I being one that hated code but loved communication systems. Saying that i hated code , i still passed all the programming modules, it just takes a little bit of extra thinking and doing.
The course has both theory and practical based classed, a lot of the college week is going to labs that might seem long and boring but could have you passing the module before you even sit the final exam all by turning up and following simple instructions. the maths can be challenging in the end of the day it is applied maths and its noting like we would of saw in the LC ... but all accomplished.
I cant fault the lecture , they go above and beyond to help .. on the condition you ask ! this isnt secondary school anymore where if you fail a exam you still get to go into the next year. so just ask for help don't be shy there gonna be least 8 other people that has the same issue/
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companies are screaming for us! .. we're the software people with the engineering background! i came out of a level 7 degree and my first job was with Intel corporation.
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good course , challenging you need to be self motivated and want to learn. Don't get to scared that its a hard, demanding course i always got my Tuesday and Thursday night Sesh too :)

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