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8 tips to help you get the full deposit back on your student accommodation

Whether it’s your first year renting or you’re coming towards you last few days of college life, there’s always some advice that can help make the moving out process a little easier. 

At the start of the academic year it’s likely you had to put a hefty sum of cash into a security deposit on your accommodation. Now is the time to do a bit of extra work to get the full deposit back! Although there is no guarantee that these will make sure of that, here are 8 tips for helping you along the way.

1. Give the place a deep clean

This may sound ridiculously obvious but it’s often easier said than done! Most people will already know to dust and clean every room. But don’t forget things like kitchen appliances (one of the first places a Landlord will look to gauge the cleanliness). If you have any damp patches clean them off the walls. Just remember, it’s the areas that are easily forgotten which could cost you some of your deposit.

2. If you can, replace any broken items

Who can really get through the college year without breaking a glass or ruining a saucepan? Let’s face it, these things happen. But all these things cost money to replace. And if you leave it to the Landlord or Property Management to do then it could be quite expensive. So just consider the fact that you could probably replace certain things yourself for a much cheaper price!


3. Get rid of all rubbish from the accommodation

Once again this may sound ridiculously obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how often a bag of useless junk can be missed when moving out. Remember to take rubbish out of every single bin. You are likely to be changed for anything that the Lordlord or Property Management has to dispose of themselves.

4. Remember adhesive marks

What student house doesn’t have a few posters up around the place? But it’s a bit late now to tell you not to use Blu Tack. The product has been around for decades and yet they still haven’t invented a formula that doesn’t stain the walls. To tackle these marks a citrus based stain remover is the best. Or if the paint work gets damaged then try to match the wall colour with a tester paint pot and you should be ok.


5. Take photos of everything

A camera could prove to be your greatest ally! Take photos of everything when you’re leaving so that you’ve got a visual record of how you left the accommodation. It’ll be a big help to you if you do need to dispute any charges, especially if you can’t get the Landlord to check out the premises in person before you move out. 

6. Read the contract

It’s time to dig out that contract you signed way back at the start of the college year. You may think you know the terms outlined in the contract. But it’s still advised to read over it before moving out. You don’t want to end up being charged for small things that you didn’t even realise you had to do.

7. Co-ordinate your moving out dates

We know it can be difficult with different people finishing exams at different times but it’s a good idea to try and co-ordinate your moving out dates. Moving out together means you’ll be able to split the workload between everyone. A group effort should lead to a better overall result, as well as ensuring you’re all happy with the standard you’re leaving the property in.

8. Get your landlord to inspect the property

Invite the landlord or Property Management over a day or 2 before you are due to move out to check the standard of the accommodation. If there’s anything they’re not happy with it’ll give you a chance to sort it out before leaving. And if they agree on the day that the premise looks good and is up to standard then you have a very good case for getting all of the deposit back.


And finally…

Make sure to pay all your bills. You don’t want to spend all that time getting the accommodation up to standard only to then lose the deposit due to an outstanding electricity or refuse bill.

If there are plans for big end of year session then you need to convince someone else to host! You don’t want to have done all that hard work only for it to be ruined again by a house party.

If you have been charged unfairly, and haven't made any progress talking to the Landlord, seek advice from Citizens Information.

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